SHOEphoria Podcast Episode 4 – Dr Codi Ramsey


Dr Codi Ramsey is a loud and proud scientific fence sitter, and refuses to be pigeonholed into one profession or another.


Although her expertise crosses sports and exercise science, biomechanics and even clinical sports medicine and physiotherapy, she identifies only as  a scientist. And this may be one reason she has been able to achieve a lot in her relatively short time since completing her PhD at the University Of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. Her pragmatic approach to footwear science and research may also stem from her upbringing in rural Northwestern Montana, U.S.A.



Dr Ramsey has an enviable CV including a swag of publications, but her greatest passion is to explore the topic of footwear from a complex systems perspective and try to help bridge the gap between the athletes, footwear retailers, manufacturers, researchers, and governing bodies. And this, is EXACTLY what is needed in this space right now. I am sure you will enjoy this fascinating insight into how, or if athletic footwear can influence injury in runners.

We look forward to Codi being a regular contributor on Bartold Clinical so keep an eye out for future articles!  For now, Check out the 30 minute podcast with Codi on the link below or head to the podcast section of the webpage!


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