SHOEphoria Podcast with Prof Irene Davis

Our guest for SHOEphoria Episode 9 is a clinician, a biomechanist, a physiotherapist, a scientist, a prolific publisher and an enigma.

Dr. Irene Davis is a distinguished researcher and academic and the Founder and Director of the Spaulding National Running Centre at Harvard Medical School, Harvard University.

Dr. Davis has published extensively in both the fields of physiotherapy and biomechanics, with a particular focus on the management and prevention of running related injury.

Her research has been award winning, and she was recently named as on of the 50 most influential people in running.

Irene is an in-demand speaker at major conferences, and a highly influential voice in clinical sports medicine.

She is also a vocal supporter of minimalist footwear and barefoot running, something that has at times brought her into conflict with mainstream colleagues and footwear researchers.

Dr. Davis is, however, anything but mainstream, and in this episode of SHOEphoria, she outlines her thought processes in relation to more natural running techniques.

Her arguments are far from left field, and are thought provoking and challenging, and at the end of the day, there may be a lot more middle ground than many have realised.

Welcome to the SHOEphoria Podcast with the intriguing Dr. Irene Davis.

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