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SHOEPhoria Podcast with Rebecca Rushton


Rebecca Rushton BSc(Pod) graduated from Curtin University in 1993 and has worked in private practice in Esperance WA since 2000. Although a generalist podiatrist as the “only podiatrist in town”, Rebecca has a special interest in blister management, not least of which but for her own blister-prone feet. Her website is a wealth of information on the topic and she uses this resource to help educate athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

Foot blisters are one of the most common foot injuries in sport and everyday life. Yet their cause is largely misunderstood.

Real experts are pretty thin on the ground, but Bec Rushton qualifies for this moniker and has been helping people prevent and treat foot blisters in her podiatry clinic, on the sporting field and track-side at running events for twenty-five years.

In this episode of SHOEphoria, Bec opens the lid on the Pandora’s box that is blister management, skewers a few sacred cows, and blows up many of the myths and legends so many of us have adhered to.

It is a must-listen podcast for anyone who works with athletes and manages blisters.

We can promise you this will change the way you manage blisters and is one of the most powerful SHOEphoria podcasts to date.


Do not miss it!

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