What IS Heel fat Pad Syndrome?

We have talked about this before.. the importance of THE diagnosis, and why all heel pain is not “plantar fasciitis”. There are SO MANY things that could cause heel pain that I have written an entire course on it.. you can check that out here, but to give you an idea, this module alone represents…

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical

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  1. Yesterday must have been the day for HFPS…reviewed a long term patient that has Fibromyalgia diagnosis and she presented with new symptoms, bilateral central and margin heel pain will nil pain on rising only increasing with time on feet. A palpable loss of fibrofatty pad was noted and this proceeded to discuss on cushioned footwear. What do we really have to offer these patients other than footwear , heel cups and possibly heat packs for analgesia in the long term.

    • Yes, yesterday was International HFPS day.. well not really. I can’t suggest more than you are doing Colin, and that is the stock in treatment. the fact that we have no real evidence for treatment protocols just underlines the need for more research into this, the 2nd most common form of heel pain!

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