Injury to the Midfoot and Rearfoot: The Clinicians Handbook

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Injury to the Midfoot and Rearfoot: The Clinicians Handbook

Are you frustrated by the changing landscape of treatment options for these 2 most crucial injury zones of the foot?

Are you confident your treatment methods are evidence-based and up-to-date?

Injuries to the midfoot and rearfoot represent the vast majority of all foot injury, and also some of the most difficult to diagnose and manage. Think navicular stress fracture, Lis Franc injury, calcaneal fracture and tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Injury to the Midfoot and Rearfoot: The Clinicians Handbook will deliver over 30 hours of the highest quality and current CPD to accelerate your clinical skills and give you the confidence that you DO have the best injury management protocols in place.

There are 8 sections with over 100 highest quality figures and tables to ensure you completely understand all the nuances of these critical injury areas. Add to this practice points, clinical tips, and instructional, step-by-step videos, and we deliver the most comprehensive resource on the subject available.

There is also a bonus section dedicated to exercise prescription for midfoot and rearfoot injury!

AND, an entire section of instructional videos!

This brand-new course from Bartold Clinical will provide you with over 30 hours of the highest quality, up-to-date and evidence-based information to ensure you are equipped to treat all aspects of injury to the midfoot and rearfoot.

I call this The Clinical Handbook because it will clearly outline which therapies to use for which injury. Cortisone vs ESWT? Orthoses vs exercise prescription? It is all here, clearly presented and with all the references for the current evidence!

I really hope you find Injury to the Midfoot and Rearfoot: The Clinical Handbook a crucial and enjoyable addition to your Bartold Clinical Research and Education portfolio!

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