Opinion Aug 2019

The rise of anatomical lasts - is this the end of orthosis prescription?

Why for some. orthoses will be a thing of the past

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Opinion Aug 2019

Athletic footwear: what you NEED to know!

This video is a goldmine of info on running shoe!

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Opinion Aug 2019

How to tape for Achilles tendon pain

An instructional video for Achilles tendon pain

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Opinion Apr 2019

Gender differences and footwear. Are we doing enough?

Men and women are different, and there are different gender based footwear requirements. Are manufactureers doing enough?

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Opinion Apr 2019

Does sport specialisation increase injury risk in young athletes

A lot of discussion about this important topic lately

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Opinion Nov 2018

Did Steve Prefontaine dope?

Steve Prefontaine is an American Icon, a true running legend, whose story has been retold countless times through many media.

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Opinion Oct 2018

How should we run?

Good form running, gait retraining, overstriding.. how should we run? Is there one best way?

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Opinion Sep 2018

Clarification on the effect of leukocytes in the treatment of tendinopathy with Platelet Rich Plasma.

Leukocyte rich or leukocyte porr PRP? What does it mean and does it matter?

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Opinion Aug 2018

Let's talk about Muscle Energy Technique. Is it just another fad?

The MET has gained wide accceptance in chiroractic and osteopathy and is now creeping into physio. Does it work?

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Opinion Jul 2018

For runners and outdoor enthusiasts, tick borne disease is a real concern

Ticks are endemic in some regions of Europe, Asia and the USA. They transmit serious diseases like Lyme Disease.

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