Carbon Fibre Plate Running Shoes – Myth Busted!

Myth Busted?! It Is NOT The Carbon Fibre Plate! And.. in just one sentence, we have a major theory on the function of “Super Shoes” busted wide open! “the carbon fibre plate’s stiffening effect on the MTP joint plays a limited role in the reported energy savings, and instead savings are likely from a combination…

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical

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  1. How did you cut the plate without cutting the foam? If not, wouldn’t that effect the reaction aspect of the foam and how so? The “longitudinal” (don’t know how to define what I’m asking) elasticity of the foam have any bearing?

    • Not sure I have an adequate answer Steve.. this is what the paper said “we made 6 medio-lateral cuts through the carbon-fiber plate in the forefoot of new VFs to reduce the
      plate’s effectiveness in bending. This method should not have affected the geometry and foam properties of the shoes; however, it is possible that the foam was slightly altered in the
      forefoot due to cutting. Cuts were made just past the depth of the plate using a table saw with an ~1.5 mm blade.”

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