Gender differences and footwear. Are we doing enough?

Gender differences and footwear.. Yes folks, there really IS a difference!

Have you ever noticed than men and women are different? I mean.. really different!

At all sorts of levels I have noticed this for some time, but despite my many years at the coalface of technical athletic footwear, it still seems the big manufacturers are a little slow to catch onto this fact.

So now is an ideal time to outline some of the basic differences between male and female runners, and explore exactly what options are available to tech retail to help place the right foot, male or female, into the right shoe.

First, what ARE the basic differences between men and women? Well, I shall limit my discussion to the biomechanical contrasts (it would be a brave man to tackle any other componenets!), and these are many and varied.

Simon Bartold
Director of Bartold Clinical