Footwear March 30, 2021

SHOEphoria Podcast with Terry Schalow

Terry Schalow is the Executive Director of the Running Industry…

News March 18, 2021

Carbon Fibre Plated Shoes: What Do They Actually Do?

Carbon Fibre Plated Shoes… What Do They Actually Do? Doping…

News March 4, 2021

Carbon Plated Running Shoes: Is One Better Than Another?

With the advent of the now ubiquitous Nike Vaporfly 4%…

Footwear February 3, 2021

Athletic Footwear: Future Innovation & Design Considerations

The new so-called ‘super shoes’ have redefined how we think…

Opinion December 21, 2020

Let’s Discuss A New Paper In Support Of “Motion Control Shoes”

A brand new paper has just been published concluding that…

Footwear December 17, 2020

Nike Running Footwear Product Overview 2020

There is an old saying in the footwear industry that…

Footwear December 16, 2020
Footwear December 10, 2020

SHOEphoria Podcast with Matt Klein

Matthew Klein is a residency and fellowship trained physical therapist…

Footwear December 8, 2020

Infographic: The Truth About Super Shoes & Running Shoes

We’ve added a topical new infographic to our popular series!…

Footwear December 7, 2020

Anatomy Of A Running Shoe: The Midsole – The Engine Room Of A Shoe!

All of what you read in “Anatomy Of A Running…