SHOEphoria Podcast Episode #2 – Alex Hutchinson

Right now we are negotiating many interesting aspects of athlete performance. Not the least of these is performance enhancement, either by drugs, blood doping  or even with the new “Super Shoes”.



We have seen stunning performances in recent times, with world records falling, and even one of the most enduring and challenging records in athletics, the sub 2 hour marathon, falling. Almost exclusively, the finger has been pointed at the shoes these athletes are wearing, especially in relation to carbon plates, construction and geometry. Are they “EPO for the feet”? Or, are they masking something else?



When we see personal best times with elites falling by many minutes, when traditionally improvement is measure in seconds, it may just be that the new shoe technology is providing a smokescreen for something a bit more sinister.

Today’s guest on Shoephoria is esteemed sports scientist and sports journalist Alex Hutchinson, and we explore these issues and others in today’s episode.



Alex is a fearless reporter on the science behind athletic performance and what it might mean. This is a must listen interview with one of the best brains in sport.

If you are interested in performance, sports footwear, and the state of play of athletics right now, you must tune in!

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